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"I have used Mark’s services for a variety of content creative areas. He coordinated the editing process and led the final publication of my recent book on Amazon. He built and designed my websites. He also provided visual graphic design to my spoken word projects and a number of my charity projects.

Mark is easy to work with, very professional and gets the job done. He listens to the client, brings brilliant ideas to the table and is a great team player.  You will be sure he will deliver the job and do it with excellent quality. As a multimedia artist himself, it makes such a huge difference to work with him because he brings an expert type of experience that you may not necessarily get from other content creators. Thank you Mark."

June Okochi

Mark was a pleasure to work with. He edited a beautiful promotional video in preparation for the launch of a collaborative poetry anthology and provided invaluable support in the formatting of said anthology for paperback print and e-book. Mark was an excellent team player, providing remote support throughout the process. Professional and personable, you can rely on Mark to provide a quality service.

Rachel Sawyer – R. S Illustrations

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