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mark ryan

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I’m a paragraph burnt to memory. I’m special and ordinary.

My name is Mark Ryan and I am painfully everything. Good ricocheting towards the bad. A jumbled mass of Christmas tree lights, blinking in and out of unison. When these are untangled, I write. I write poetry, stories and creative art that I hope gets people thinking. To get them to crack open their own souls and pluck out the good, the positive and the spirit of change.

For those wishing to know, I was born in Oxford, growing up in the shadow of the dreaming spires. I was born in a snowstorm which perhaps explains my leaning towards arctic conditioning and survival, along with the beauty found in winter.


I studied Film at London Metropolitan University, graduating to M.A in Film Theory, with my focus of study being religion in film.

I’ve published a few pieces of work; fiction, poetry anthologies and short stories as well as a visual arts poetry book called ‘Graffitied Heart’. My work leans, bends and sways to the metaphysical and supernatural with a tendency to dabble in the macabre. Questioning questions and searching for answers in the eye of the storm, where there is always hope. Is always a time for change.

                            .....As we fly back into the sky.

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