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mark ryan

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smartly dressed violence

S.I.N is a part of us all, dwelling deep in the cells it has maligned the human race that resides in the city. It pushes those to the fringes, those haves and the have nots. Without S.I.N you are free to explore the fruits of life and social elevation, be it smartly dressed and well ordered. But there is another place, The Altered, where magic and hope reside. Through the eyes of Levon and Jess, join The Order as they race against the mighty Atone industries who wish to release a magic plague across the city to wipe out all they deem unworthy.

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forever winter

It’s always snowing, it’s always winter. Not in a suffocating fashion, but in a celebration of the season all year round. The Lady of the jars likes it that way you see, and with her magic she can create any weather she desires. She just favours winter. With the arrival of the girl from Europa however, her quiet life is shaken of it’s built up snow as forces mount to take what they want from the new visitor. The lady of the jars begins to understand her purpose, as the girl’s own intentions begin to manifest. A race for hope begins in the snowfalls.

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