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mark ryan

Seasons change like memories. Swelling on a yearly cosmic tide. Never free from change, we move like blood coursing through a body, pumped by a heart under the pressures of life and circumstance.


Discover this photopoetry collection while you drift, snapshots in time across the seasons that wander into your eyeline. From Spring to Winter, course your path across the yearly interval and meet visitors such as love, pain, wonder and friendship.


Wander, and wonder with eyes and heart wide open.


This work is a collaborative collection with fellow artist and poet June Okochi




I see you on limestone cliffs

I smell you under sweet pine

I hear you in the summer rain

And when the crows caw

Amongst all things

And the odd dead tune

Even when you are understated

My heart will always come back to you


As the night smothers.
And darkness hovers.
You seek me out, your tongue finds mine.
Now that I’ve found you, I’m in summertime.
Wrapping you around my soul.
And sucking you like candyfloss.
Turning on the diabetic in me.
Addicted to your taste.

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