everyday nightmares / everyday miracles

Pick your poison.
How do you see the world, through darkness or a ray of light? Nightmares can ensnare, dragging us over into despair. Yet miracles lay in are path also, twinkling like diamonds waiting to be picked up.

Each day, which do you see?

seasons of a wandering heart

Seasons change like memories. Swelling on a yearly cosmic tide.

Never free from change, we move like blood coursing through a body, pumped by a heart under the pressures of life and circumstance.



Horror comes in many forms. It can creep at the door, surprise us in a truth or dwell within our very bones. To escape and flee is a natural instinct.


But what if the horror never disappears?



A collection of stories sent to 74 year old Eiko Tanaka from around the world to entertain, enlighten and thrill.

Available across all platforms.

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