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mark ryan

kill 'em with kindness

Forgiveness can be the most impossible. How many wrongs can twist inside a heart to make it a victim? How many grudges must we carry, pulling us down like gravity?


A life led in ordinariness attracts its fair share of hurt and trauma. But to dwell in the oil, will only make the soul dark and heavy.


everyday nightmares / everyday miracles

Pick your poison.
How do you see the world, through darkness or a ray of light? Nightmares can ensnare, dragging us over into despair. Yet miracles lay in are path also, twinkling like diamonds waiting to be picked up.

Each day, which do you see?

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seasons of a wandering heart

Seasons change like memories. Swelling on a yearly cosmic tide.

Never free from change, we move like blood coursing through a body, pumped by a heart under the pressures of life and circumstance.



The Lady of the jars loves winter, she cherishes the snow. Which is why, using her magic, she makes it a perpetual snowscape in and around her little cottage in the woods. Others are less inclined to her wintery tastes, and with the arrival of the girl from Europa, forces converge on that little slice of powdered white in the forest; threatening to destroy the gift from the stars, and the lady of the jars for good.

Available across all platforms.

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