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mark ryan

Every day we are confronted by the nightmares that seep into our lives. Horror wears many cloaks, stealing the light and casting such long shadows. It slowly becomes more difficult to stumble through, weighed down by guilt, pain, and love.

Everyday Nightmares is a collection of poetry exploring the darker, more melancholic aspects of our lives. Within these painful markers, there is also the Suicider’s tale, strung through to narrate what happens in the great beyond. A collection which touches the void and brings the dark inside.

Every day there are miracles, before us the wonder of life dances in our eyes. The light filters through the grey, illuminating such beautiful visions. What diamonds do we pick up from our own path, which blessings are to be plucked from the vine of life?

Everyday Miracles is a collection of poetry exploring the light, divine abundance that populates our waking day. Happiness is a construct of joy, miracles, light, and hope. As we ascend the tree of life to the crown, where all radiance emanates, we can dwell on those things that make life worth living, and we can appreciate the climb.

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Unwrap these dreams for another day.
Place them on the table while the time slips away.
Cough up a resolution, to the disorder and the chaos.
Let them take your blood type.
Dig you up like dinosaur bones.
These bones, so tired and hollow.
Broken from the strain of life.
Blink. Breathe. Begin.
Box up those nightmares.
Sweep the past into the corner of the solar system.
Douse yourself in oil and light a spark.
And blaze into a new collection of hours.
Of your borrowed time on earth.
For who knows how long we have.

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With all this sin that stains my bones.
And a history I cannot hide.
Beholds a life I’ve always known.
Asking to look inside.
For deep within this heart that beats.
Full of oil and the light divine.
Speaks a connection that’s bittersweet.
Of God and I, intertwined.
For though I do deeds that make him weep.
Sometimes those tears are joy.
And though I practise not what he may preach.
His forgiveness I doth employ.
For I’m everything, the good, and typical.
Holy particles and hurt maligned.
And I offer, and ask a love unconditional.
All parts, and all the time.

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